Liz Hausmann
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Effective on Fighting Crime.

While serving on the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, Liz Hausmann works closely with local police officers and public safety officers to ensure our homes are safe, and families protected. She also fought to reopen the Alpharetta jail, and fully fund our police.

As our state senator, Liz will propose and pass legislation ensuring our police are fully funded so our Fulton families can live in safe neighborhoods.

Effective For Job Creation.

As our next State Senator Liz will propose legislation to attract high-paying jobs to our community. As inflation sky-rockets and budgets start to tighten it is important for our leaders to look for real, effective solutions to strengthen our economy. That is why as our next State Senator Liz will expand Georgia’s Opportunity Zones that attract high-paying jobs to our areas by providing entrepreneur tax credits for every job created.

Effective For Education.

As a mother and grandmother, Liz believes no child, parent, or teacher should live in fear in any environment, especially a place of education and development. Which is why, as our next state senator Liz will work with parents and teachers to strengthen security and work to increase funding for mental health in our schools.

Effective For Homeowners.

As our next State Senator, Liz Hausmann will propose and pass legislation to increase the homestead exemption for all homeowners, and propose additional tax exemptions for those 65 years old and older. Ensuring that no one in Fulton County is ever taxed out of their homes. Liz has never voted to increase your taxes and has always rolled back the millage rate.

Effective For Election Integrity.

As the chief liaison to the state of Georgia for election Integrity, Liz Hausmann led the implementation and education of Georgia’s voting system. Liz knows that election security is a 24/7 job, that is why as our next state senator, she will work with our local and state officials to ensure Georgia has the most secure and up-to-date election system and practices.

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